Eco driving, will save fuel / money, lower your vehicle's maintenance costs, extend the life expectancy of your engine's moving parts such as brake pads,  tires and engine.
The savings generated will "pay" largely for the MPG-PLUS as soon as you increase your MPG (Miles Per Gallon) fuel consumption by only 20%.

Optional Features

How/where to mount MPG-PLUS?


For your truck

For your car

Detect inertial mass with EcoTraineR. Until  now, there was no way to tell if your car, truck or boat had enough inertia to move by itself. Because you move at the same speed as your car, you cannot see or
feel when your car has inertia. This is the same reason you have to glance at the speedometer to know
your exact speed. Today,this has all changed. You can sense inertia with our user-friendly device.

Get the Best Gas Mileage Year Around

If a driver is exposed to  higher noises than usual interfering with his/her driving, we can replace the lights with an optional buzzer otherwise known as "hepatic feedback"  or by a sound system or auditory feedback.  We can also record the driver's behavior electronically for the fleet manager's review to improve the driver's efficiency.

Dashboard mounting

For your motorboat

There is no installation, just mount the MPG-PLUS to your windshield with the 3  suction cups or on your dashboard with the  Industrial Velcro. Both are included in your package. Once mounted, all you need to do is to plug into your cigarette lighter or your 12 volts battery power and  calibrate it horizontally for maximum sensibility. Once calibrated, you do not need do this again unless something changes your vehicle horizontal  disposition.

Teach Teenagers How to Hypermile

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Children drive the way they were trained. In America, most of the teenagers were taught by their parents to "use the gas pedal to move the car, "and the "brake pedal to slow and stop the car". 

If you teach a teenager to use the car's inherent inertia instead, they will acquire a "lifetime reflex" to drive with maximum fuel efficiency and safety.

Eco driving benefits are potentially huge:

  • Safer gas mileage
  • Less CO2 emission
  • Extension of the life expectancy of the car's moving part.
    etc. see column page left side.