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 The Ecotrainer MPG PLUSTM
for moving vehicles (i.e, cars, buses, trucks, even motor boats)

US Patent #7,411,140
is "Made in the USA"

Summary of the Invention

Shown mounted on windshield

The Ecotrainer is a  long awaited because until now, the driver was unable to see when the vehicle had enough inertia to move by itself without using fuel. This invention was designed to visibly and continuously indicate the moving vehicle's inertia. When a vehicle moves by inertia, the fuel consumption is reduced dramatically and the life expectancy of vehicle's components such as breaks, tires, etc. increase accordingly.

                                                    Keeping the Air Clean  by Decreasing your CO2 Emission
By using less fuel, the vehicle will generate less carbon dioxide CO2 released by the exhaust pipes. For the first time, the driver will see its vehicle's INERTIA allowing the driver to ease the gas pedal to make the vehicle "glide" for optimum fuel efficiency. This represents a fuel savings of up to 50%.

                                                                  There is no installation
The Ecotrainer can be mounted on the dashboard or the windshield in minutes and it is PORTABLE to any other vehicle


The EcotTaineR reacts solely to Isaac Newton's second law of motion.  It is a small unit continuously identifying the inertial mass of the vehicle using our U.S. patented technology   One of the two lights (red or green) will light-up depending if the vehicle has enough inertia (green light) to move on its own or if the vehicle needs more engine power (red light) to maintain its speed.                                                            

                                                                 Potential US Market
There are actually 254,000,000 registered pre-owned cars buses and trucks in the U.S.A. and any of them can be upgraded in minutes to make them more efficient. Our patented  EcoTraineR is the only device SHOWING INERTIA allowing instant Eco-Driving.

                                                          Creates Pavlovian Reflexes
Since the device is located in the driver's periphery vision and works continuously,  there is a subconscious effect and most drivers
will react to the lights according to Pavlovian Reflexes, allowing his/her driving efficiency to improve unconsciously. 

                                                              We seek Distributors

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Continuously Indicates when your vehicle can move without fuel, using the vehicle's Free Universal  Force instead