Eco-Driving / Hypermiling 

using the Universal Force of Inertia has potentially huge

  • Instant Eco-Driving;

  • Instant Hyper-Milling;

  • Improve road safety;

  • Enhance driving skills.  

  • Protect the ENVIRONMENT: 

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2);

  • Fewer local air pollutants;

  • Reduce noise.


  • Save fuel and money;

  • Lower vehicle maintenance;  

  • Pays for itself at the pump;

  • No out-of-pocket money;
  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires;

    • Your brake pads;

    • Your engine;



  • More responsible driving;

  • Less stress while driving;

  • Higher comfort for passengers

 F= Inertia Force generated
 a= Distance the vehicle will 
      move without the engine
m= Mass (weight) of the vehicle

On November 30, 2017 President Donald J. Trump wrote me:"Thank you again  for sharing your views. I  am confident that together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations"​

My EcoTraineR will help President Trump to accomplish his goal
   by reducing tons of CO2 emission and allowing the drivers of
   any vehicles (cars, trucks, motor-boats) to use the natural free
   force of INERTIA instead of the vehicle's engine.

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As our customer in good standing with a valid Driver
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  local small businesses and FedEx, UPS, Trucking
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   Fleet Managers, etc.)