Using the Universal Force of INERTIA is potentially huge
(and it's free)

  • Instant ecodriving
  • Instant Hypermilling

  • Improve road safety

  • Enhance driving skills  

  • Environmental 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)

  • Fewer local air pollutants

  • Noise reduction


  • Save fuel and money 

  • Lower vehicle maintenance  

  • Pays for itself at the pump

  • No out-of-pocket money
  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires

    • Your brake pads

    • Your engine


  • More responsible driving

  • Less stress while driving

  • Higher comfort for passengers

 The ability to follow the lights instruction depend only and exclusively on the driver's motivation to save fuel by eco-driving.                                                                                   

Pays for itself by getting 20% to 50% more miles for the same fuel  quantity USED       


                                                                                                            Terms and Conditions

            We will charge and refund one ($1.00) dollar to your CC  to verify the validity of your credit card.

If you email this order within 48 hours, we will ship you the EcoTraineR for a FREE 15 DAY TRIAL**

If you decide to keep it, we will charge $600.00 or 15 monthly recurring fees of $40.00 each (total $600.00) using the Credit Card on file or you can pay only one lump sum of 540.00 before the end of the 15 day to offset any recurring charges . If you are not completely satisfied during the trial period, call 1-800-YES-WILL for an Authorization Return Number (ARN) and return the EcoTraineR before the end of 15-day after you received it, indicating the cost you paid for returning it by US POST to receive a  full refund.   

When eco-driving using the EcoTraineR, the monthly recurring charge should be offset by your savings at the pump.  As soon as you perform to save fuel and decide to keep the EcoTraineR we will send you a confirmation of your employment position part or full-time, salary plus commission or straight commission with the Network Marketing Strategy if you select straight commission as discussed, allowing you to start to market the EcoTraineR.

** We reserve the right to cancel this offer solely at our discretion (grand-fathering will apply)


15-DAY Limited Offer
You can use the EcoTraineR for 15 DAYS free of charge. If you do not like it, just return it before the end of the 15th day. If you like it, keep it with just one single payment of $540.00 or you can request in writing to make 15  monthly payments of $40.00 each (which will be offset by your fuel savings at the pump.
You can save $60.00 by paying only one lump sum of $540.00 before the end of the 15th days.

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(free Universal force)

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