Eco-Driving or Hypermiling 

using   Newton2ndlaw
has potentially huge

  • Instant Eco-Driving;

  • Instant Hyper-Milling;

  • Improve road safety;

  • Enhance driving skills.  

  • Protect the ENVIRONMENT: 

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2);

  • Fewer local air pollutants;

  • Reduce noise.


  • Save fuel and money;

  • Lower vehicle maintenance;  

  • Pays for itself at the pump;

  • No out-of-pocket money;
  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires;

    • Your brake pads;

    • Your engine;



  1. More responsible driving;

  2. Less stress while driving;

  3. Right for marketing
    the eco-trainer MPG PLUS

 F= Inertia Force generated on  vehicle

m = Mass (weight) of the vehicle
a = Distance the vehicle will 
       move without the engine


                                                                                            TERMS AND CONDITIONS           

           We will charge and refund one ($1.00) dollar to your Credit Card  to verify its validity.
 * If you email this request within 36 hours from receiving the PROMO CODE, we will ship you the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS®.  If you are unable to use it, we will extend the trial period for another 15 days. If you keep the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS®, we will charge $600.00 (or upon approval of your written request, a monthly recurring charge of $40.00 for 15 months) on your Credit Card on file for 15 consecutive months. If you are unable to save fuel during the 15 day trial period just email us or call 1-800-YES-WILL and we will give you an Authorization Return Number (ARN).  If we still cannot satisfy you (i.e., if you are unable to drive or received a defective device unit, we will extend the 15 day period) and  you can THEN return the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS® before the end of the trial period.  We will make any effort to satisfy you but if we cannot, just return it and please accept our apologies.  If you pay a one lump sum of $ 540.00 before or by the end of the trial period, your account will be considered as paid in full. 

We will only accept a legitimate return with a valid ARN.  Otherwise, we will refuse your shipment and it will be returned to you the sender, requesting full payment of $ 600.00.  As soon as you are Eco-driving by using the eco-trainer's lights properly, its price will be offset (pays for itself) by the savings at the pump and you will enjoy all the benefits listed on the left side.  If you decide to keep the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS® after the trial period, we will send you an ownership confirmation.

You can call us as often as needed to ask for our help (Mo-Fr 10 AM-5  PM E.T.) free of charge or to be more trained on how to install, calibrate and use the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS® properly for maximum performance. Your Credit Card will only  be charged if you do not return it.   We reserve the right to reject your request to try the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS® at our sole discretion for any reason or  if the PROMO CODE EXPIRED and the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS® will not be shipped to you.                              

15-DAY Limited Offer *:
You can use the EcoTraineR for 15 DAYS free of charge. If you do not like it, return it before the end of the 15th day and you owe us nothing. If you like to use it, keep it and request to pay only $ 40.00/month for 15 months.

If you already ease the gas pedal when the road goes down or when you have a  heavy traffic ahead of you you don't need to change the way you drive. Just react to the eco trainer's lights: Red light= push and  green light= glide. When you glide you do not use any fuel.


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Congratulation for requesting to use the eco-trainer MPG-PLUS® free of charge for 15 days.

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