Hypermilling is simple when using the EcoTraineR: All you have to do is to drive on the green light often as possible, from stop to the speed you select.  It's not always easy but with practice, this will become a second nature.

The difficult part is only during the start when the vehicle does not move.  But as the vehicle's speed increases the inertia builds-up and it becomes easy to maintain the speed or to reach the speed you want to drive.  Once you master this technique it will be greatly appreciated especially on heavy traffic.

This driving technique is practiced  by drivers trying to establish MPG records and I call it "hyperbolic driving" a.k.a. "hypermiling".

What is Hypermilling?

Example of "hypermilling" 

In 2015, two men drove a car through all 48 contiguous U.S. states on less than $300 of diesel fuel, or just eight tankfuls. During the 8,233 trip, they achieved a fuel economy of 81.17 miles per gallon or 2.89 liters per 100 km. They trounced the official rating for the car they used -- a VW Golf TDI rated by the EPA for 31 and 45 mpg in city and highway driving respectively -- earning a world record.

How did they do it?

By applying a technique known as 'hypermiling, which anyone can use to slash their fuel consumption, no matter which car they drive.