QUESTION 01:  What do you mean by "Eco-Driving"?
Eco-Driving is a synonym for,"Push and Glide" "pushNglide""Efficient Driving", "Hypermiling" "Sensible Driving", "Economic Driving", "Smooth Driving", "Smart Driving"; Zen-Driving, etc...  It considt to MASTER a  vehicle's INERTIA by reacting to the lights of the EcoTraineR.
Eco-driving is recommended by the US Dept. Of Energy and cars/trucks manufacturers. 
It works solely using   Isaac NEWTON's  Laws Of   Motion, allowing an object (i.e., your vehicle) to move on its own INERTIA (a.k.a. momentum) without using its engine.  Unless you are a
in physics. "inertia" cannot be explained like gravity does. If you want to understand how it works, Google "How does inertia really works?" and you will have thousands of information trying to explain it. Just remember that eco-driving saves fuel by using the vehicle's inherent inertia.  eco trainer MPG PLUS indicates when you are Eco-Driving (green light) or not eco-driving (red light).  Any opposing external force will oppose to your vehicle's inertia. 
QUESTION 02:  What do you mean by "opposing external force"?
Any opposing external force acts against your vehicle's inertia, increasing your fuel consumption. There are many opposing external forces acting against your vehicle's inertia such as,  but not limited to:  the air density, the air temperature, the wind direction, the wind force, the friction of the tires on the road, the nature of the road, the inclination of the road, the friction of the engine's mechanical parts, etc.  Since we cannot see, feel, or interpret when our vehicle has inertia, this makes E-Driving constantly impossible without using the EcoTraineR.

QUESTION 03: What is "Newton2L" and How does it work?

Contrary to popular belief, it is neither a force nor a measure of mass. In common language, Newton2L is a "natural blessing" making life on earth possible.. Without Green Technology Innovations Inc.

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  F= Force of Inertia generated

 m= Mass (weight) of the vehicle

  a=  Distance the vehicle will move on its own
            without using its engine.

Thomas Delor, inventor.

      Red = PUSH using fuel
Green= GLIDE using  Inertia

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Because not everyone has the right mindset or driving skill, some drivers will not be able to change their driving behavior.  You should discover if you are a good contender for using our Universal Eco-driving technique with the eco-trainer with your own vehicle's inherent inertia to move your car instead of using fuel. 
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Eco-Driving/ Hyper-Milling, 
using INERTIA has potentially huge

Improve road safety;

Improve driving skills.  

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2);
Fewer local air pollutants;
Reduce noise.

Save fuel and money;
Lower vehicle maintenance;  
Pays for itself at the pump;
No out-of-pocket money;
Expand life expectancy of:
Your tires;

Your brake pads;

Your engine;
SOCIALResponsible driving;
Less stress;
Higher comfort 

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 Indicates if/when you can move your car using inertia instead of the engine.

Ten (10) years Warranty  to the first owner  (repairor replace) plus S&H
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Taking Chances
by Skip Peck
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The EcoTraineR is a  long awaited  because until now, the driver  was unable to see when the vehicle had enough inertia to move by itself without using fuel. This invention was designed to visibly and continuously indicate the moving vehicle's inertia. When a vehicle moves by inertia, the fuel consumption is Reduced dramatically and the life expectancy of vehicle's components such as breaks, tires, etc. increases accordingly.

                            Decreasing Your CO2 emission
By using less fuel, the vehicle will generate less carbon dioxide CO2 released by the exhaust pipes. For the first time, the driver will see its vehicle's INERTIA allowing the driver to ease the gas pedal to make the vehicle glide for optimum fuel efficiency. This represents a fuel savings of up to 50%.

                                  There is no installation
​​The EcoTraineR MPG-PLUS (TM) can be mounted on the dashboard or the windshield in seconds and It isPORTABLE to any other vehicle.



The EcoTaineRMPG-PLUS(TM) reacts solely to Isaac Newton's second law of motion.  It is a small unit continuously identifying the inertial mass of the vehicle using our U.S. patented technology   One of the two lights (red or green) will light-up depending if the vehicle has enough inertia (green light) to move on its own or if the vehicle needs more engine power (red light) to maintain its speed.                             
                                      Potential US Market?

There are actually 254,000,000 registered owned cars buses and trucks in the U.S.A. and any of them can be upgraded in minutes to make them more efficient. 
Our patented  eco-trainer MPG-PLUS is the only device SHOWING INERTIA allowing instant Eco-Driving.

                      Pavlovian Reflexes?

Since the device is located in the driver's periphery vision and works
continuously,  there is a subconscious effect and most drivers 
will react to the lights according to  Pavlovian Reflexes, allowing 

his/her driving  efficiency to improve unconsciously. inertia, any motion as we know it, would not exist.

It works using the vehicle's INERTIA instead of its engine.  First PUSH your vehicle using its engibe to build-up momentum (
Red Light). When your vehicle has enough INERTIA, GLIDE it without using the engine (Green light) Just follow the lights! Green Technology Innovations indicates when to E-Drive for optimum energy conservati save fuel. To make it simple, our Patented  EcoTraineR is solely activated by Isaac Newton's 2nd Law of Motion. The energy you are using to move your vehicle does not matter.  The EcoTraioneR MPG PLUS is a stand-alone "inertia-sensor":   When the light is red, the vehicle needs its engine to move or keep the selected speed. When the light is green, it can move on its own inertia without using its engine. 
The device must be calibrated horizontally using the two lights. When the device is properly calibrated, the lights will change solely according to the 2nd Law of Motion. Calibration is simple and takes less than a minute.  For highway driving, the calibration must be fine-tuned for a maximum sensitivity.  For city driving, calibration can be at a lesser sensitivity. 


QUESTION 04: How much can I expect to save with the eco trainer MPG PLUS? 
Any driver can double their vehicle's MPG (Miles Per Gallon) with practice, understanding and motivation. The highly motivated skilled drivers can even triple their MPG.  It will really depend on the driver's skill to react to the lights, understanding of the physics, and motivation to drive to achieve optimum fuel savings, using the vehicle’s Inertia instead of its engine.

QUESTION 05: Why can't I feel my car's inertia? 
Because you move at the same speed as your car. For the same reason, you cannot feel your car's exact speed without glancing at your speedometer. The EcoTraineR MPG PLUS is the only device allowing to E-Drive without effort.  Other devices sold to "save fuel" use the car's computer or the pressure in the vacuum line or some "sneak-oil" salesman's explanation.  Our US Patented EcoTraineR MPG PLUS is the only known device showing the inertia of a moving vehicle.  Anything else such as fuel additives, magnets, accelerated air flow, water, compressed air, pressure gauges, etc. are nothing more than an attempt to convince you to buy them, but does not actually save fuel. For maximum fuel savings and minimum CO2 released into the atmosphere, all you need to do is to react to the EcoTraineR's lights.  This will be achieved unconsciously through automatic reflexes known as "Pavlovian reflexes".

QUESTION 06: Can I tell when I am driving efficiently?
Yes if you are using our EcoTrainerR MPG PLUS, otherwise No. When you are not using the vehicle's inertia to move your car, you will see a red light indicating that it is your engine moving your car.  It does not matter if you drive uphill or downhill, have a front or tailwind,  or if you drive on dirt roads or highways: all you have to do is adjust your driving to maintain the GREEN LIGHT for maximum fuel savings by adjusting the correct use of the gas pedal.  The EcotTraineR allows maximum gas savings with minimum CO2  emissions while offering a relaxing driving.

QUESTION 07:  Is the weight of the luggage aboard my vehicle a major factor?
Not really.  Based on the Inertia’s formula (I=MV2 where "I" is the Inertia, "M " the MASS  (weight of the vehicle)  and "V2" the velocity (speed) squared. Some excess luggage may even be beneficial to increase your vehicle's inertia (distance that your car can move on its own without its engine).  Since the EcoTraineR allows you to build-up your car's inertia using just enough fuel from stop to the desired speed, it's only a matter of personal skill and judgment but not a rule.

QUESTION 08: I don't have a lot of driving experience. How much fuel can l save? 
You do not need prior experience to use the EcoTraineR and save 20% to 50% fuel ( up to $2,500.00 per year representing in ten years $25,000.00+ interests.). It depends on how many miles you drive, the kind of vehicle you drive, the price of a gallon of gas, and your motivation for E-Driving.

QUESTION 09: Can you guarantee the savings? 
YES. As a matter of policy, if the proper use of the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS does not save you at least 20% fuel for the first 1000 miles, you may return the device and ask for your money back or additional E-Driving training.  Before buying, anyone can try the EcoTraineR for a 15-day no-risk trial. Once the trial is satisfactory,the  money back does not apply.

QUESTION 10: I am not handy, do I need someone to install the eco trainerMPG PLUS?
NO.  There is no installation. Just mount it on your windshield with the provided suction cups or on your dashboard with the provided industrial velcro.  Once mounted,  all you need to do is to plug it into your cigarette lighter -or 12 volt battery power. Calibrate it horizontally by leveling the bracket manually, then fine tune the inertia casing using the plastic screw located above the box.  With a little experience, it will take you less than a minute and once the EcoTraineR is calibrated, you do not need to calibrate it again unless your vehicle’s level changes (i.e,
adding passengers on the back seat, broken suspension, deflated tires etc).

QUESTION 11: Does the eco trainer MPG PLUS work with my vehicle? 
YES.  It works with all models and make of cars, trucks, power boats, even if the car is built prior to 1996 as it does not use the car's computer or vacuum line but rather the inherent inertia built-up by your moving vehicle, a "man created " Universal free and unlimited energy force discovered by Isaac Newton in the 17 century.

QUESTION 12: How come the eco trainer MPG PLUS is considered Universal? 
Because it is activated by the 2nd Law of Motion discovered by Isaac Newton(an absolute necessity for the space program).  Alike the Universal Law of Gravity changing to zero gravity in space, the Law of Motion cannot be altered. 

QUESTION 13: Is the eco trainer MPG PLUS difficult to use? 
NO! 95% of people use it instantly as it was designed with simplicity in mind for drivers to enjoy the benefits of
an optimum efficient driving without any learning curve. It is as simple as using your speedometer or your cruise control. All you need to remember is that if the light is red, you are using your engine to move and if the light is green,  you are using the vehicle's inertia to move. It will take you no time to drive more efficiently and save a bundle.

QUESTION 14: My car has already an ECO fuel management system (needle, or a green light), what will the eco trainer MPG PLUS do for me? 
Your car's ECO fuel management system shows the pressure in your vacuum line which is not INERTIA.

Only our US Patented EcoTraineR indicates if your vehicle has enough INERTIA to move without its engine.

QUESTION 15: Do I still need the eco trainer MPG PLUS if I use my cruise control? 
YES,  Your cruise control is an instrument maintaining your selected speed, not to save fuel. And as such, it can become a gas guzzler when the road is uphill or if you drive against the wind, etc.  Most of the published articles disregard those physical facts. The only time it is advisable to use your cruise control is when you drive on a flat dry road, such as a highway and you do not drive against the wind.  But that situation is very rare and you have no way to check the wind's direction.  If you want to save maximum fuel, as a general rule, always turn off your cruise control when the EcoTraineR light turns to red and put it back when the light changes to green.  It is a popular myth that driving at a constant speed saves fuel.  

QUESTION 16: If I drive a hybrid or electric vehicle, will the eco trainer MPG PLUS still help me? 
YES. Even though you can drive a fuel-efficient vehicle (hybrid or electrical) your driving reflexes were not developed to "drive efficiently" And BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SEE OR SENSE THE VEHICLE'S INERTIA, using the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS with your fuel efficient electrical or hybrid vehicle will allow you to increase your vehicle’s autonomy even doubling it between the charging process . Without discarding to extend the life expectancy of your vehicle's moving parts.

QUESTION 17: I think I drive efficiently. Will the eco traine MPG PLUS still help me? 
Yes since you do not feel or sense when your vehicle has inertia, you may just think that you drive efficiently but it is more likely that you are not. With the EcoTraineR, there is no guessing game and you can improve your driving efficiency instantly and effortlessly by simply reacting to the lights instinctively (Pavlovian Reflexes).

QUESTION 18: My vehicle uses alternative fuels. Is the eco trainer MPG PLUS compatible? 
YES,  because the EcoTraineR is a stand-alone instrument indicating your vehicle's  "inherent inertia" -a.k.a momentum- or lack thereof, activated solely by Newton's 2nd Law of Motion.  Whatever fuel you use will have no effect on the EcoTraineR.

QUESTION 19: How is the price of the eco trainer MPG PLUS compared to other devices sold in the U.S. market as a"fuel saver"? 
The U.S. Patent Office issued Patent No US 7,411,140 for our EcoTraineR MPG PLUS (underthe title: “Inertial mass detection device”).  As such we have no competition because it is unique and uses a  protected technology.  Different technologies may be used to display data in an attempt to help you save fuel but none will indicate your vehicle's inertia and analyzing the data does not tell you what to do and when to do it.

QUESTION 20: Do you have a money-back guarantee policy? 
YES. If you find a device sold in the USA using the 2nd Law of Motion  indicating your vehicle's inertia at a lower price, identify such device and return the EcoTraineR using the RAN (Return Authorization Number) and we will reimburse you the price you paid including your shipping cost, plus pay you an additional 10% on top.  No question asked.

QUESTION 21: I do not believe that the earth's climate warming is "man-made".  Why should I worry about decreasing my car's CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emission?
It would be irresponsible to wait 20 years to find out if you are right or wrong in your belief. But you can agree that you want to 
pass-on a clean planet to your children. If you are wrong to believe that the climate warming is not partially man-made and do nothing, your offspring will suffer greatly from your mistake resulting in the increased air pollution and depletion of our planet's fossil fuels.  Even if you are somehow right to believe that global warming is not man-made, you will agree that releasing less CO2 into the atmosphere cannot be a bad thing because above a certain level,  the atmosphere's CO2 is poisonous. This is already noticed in large agglomerations I.e., Los Angeles, USA, Paris, France, Etc.) creating serious health problems such as: allergies, lung cancer.  Furthermore, by releasing less CO2 using the EcoTraineR when E-Driving, the existing 254,000,000 vehicles on our US roads today present more advantages than saving fuel savings.

QUESTION 22: Could the lights be distracting for the driver?  Is there another way to "see or sense" the vehicle's inertia?
We firmly believe that you must master your driving at ALL TIME. The EcoTraineR is not distracting if you place it in your peripheral vision, but we can replace the lights with an optional buzzer (haptic feedback) or an optional sound system (auditory feedback) in a special situation (i.e., noisy vehicle).  We can also connect the device electronically to your
headquarters if your fleet manager wants to monitor your driver's driving behavior. Ask us for a free estimate.

QUESTION 23: For how long should I use the eco trainer MPG PLUS before instinctively driving more efficiently?
It depends on your motivation and skill.  Only a very few people somehow E-Drive instinctively, while others need more time to develop an efficient driving reflex (Pavlovian Reflex).  This is similar to learning to play a musical instrument quicker, while others will need more time and practice. Since the device is located in your peripheral vision, your driving efficiency will improve unconsciously.

QUESTION 24:  Finally, does "slow driving" save fuel?
No.  As a matter of fact, slow driving has never saved more than .2% fuel because slow driving does not generate enough inertia to move a vehicle without its engine. Fast driving generates more inertia. With practice, you will be able to reach a higher speed on inertia to increase your Miles Per Gallon and driving in the fast line. But it takes motivation and skill to slowly accelerate until reaching a higher speed. Applying Newton's second Law of Motion formula (F=M.A), the higher the speed and weight, the higher your inertia (a.k.a. momentum); allowing a vehicle to move without consuming fuel using the vehicle's inherent inertia instead.  Professional NASCAR drivers use their vehicle's inherent inertia to manage the fuel weight avoiding refueling too often.

QUESTION 25: How do I know if a road is slightly uphill or downhill?
You don't, but the EcoTraineR "does" and will change to red if the apparent flat road goes up or green if the road goes down.  The same light indication happens when the wind comes from the front or from the back.

QUESTION 26: Can I try the eco trainer MPG PLUS

Yes.  As our limited offer, you are welcome to try the EcoTraineR for a no-risk 15-day trial.  Once you realize that you can save a minimum of 20% to 50% fuel  during the trial period you can keep the device and pay for it with the savings generated charged on your credit card on file.  If you can't save 20% minimum call us for a  Return Authorization Number (RAN) and we will pay the return postage.
: We reserve the right to discontinue this limited offer any time at our sole discretion or reject your request for trying it. If your request to try the EcoTraineR for the 15-day free trial is rejected, we will not ship you the device.
When used properly and with the proper motivation (click the cost of the EcoTraineR's will be offset by your savings at the pump. If you have any question or need more free E-Driving coaching please call the person who sponsored you or email to


QUESTION 27: Is there a Manufacturer  Warranty?
Yes. The EcoTraineR has a ten (10) warranty for the first owner.  Just return the device and it will be repaired or replaced  free of charge (except for S&H).

QUESTION 28: Do I get paid if I recommend the ecotrainer MPG PLUS  to someone?
Yes. As our limited offer -can end anytime-, we will pay you a finders' fee of $20.00 if you helped someone to try the EcoTraineR and coached him/her how to use it so they will keep it at the end of the trial. 
You can also become an Independent Agent working part or full time-time and make extra money. Call your sponsor and request to receive our agreement


QUESTION 29:  I use a smartphone to monitor my fitness.  Is there an App. showing my vehicle's inertia to master E-Driving?
No.  Your vehicle's INERTIA is an invisible force generated by a moving vehicle and it is impossible to differentiate if the vehicle moves using its engine or is moving using its inherent inertia and as such, it cannot be displayed by an App. Inside the inertia box, there is a metallic mass moving freely
he vehicle’s inertia and not the vehicle.

QUESTION 30- I already tried several times to eco-drive before but could not eco drive for more than a few minutes. Why would I try again?

Because this time you will only have to react to the EcoTraineR Unconsciously byPavlovian Reflexes and you will always eco drive effortlessly for as long as you drive without even knowing it.  This method is medically proven to work with most of the people. It is also known as "automatic feedback"

QUESTION 31-  Are Gravity and Inertia the same force?

No.  The force of gravity acts downwards, through the floor, towards the center of the Earth but when you throw the dart at the dartboard the dart is traveling at right angles to the force of gravity (although, of course, it's trajectory will be bent towards the Earth), but it still has enough inertia to stick in the dartboard. 

QUESTION 32- Is the force of Gravity stronger than the force of Inertia?
NO. Gravity is only generated by the earth's attraction on its surface. The force of  Inertia is defined by Isaac Newton's F=m.a.
This clearly means that the force of INERTIA can be far superior to gravity.  See equation left top corner.

Patent Title: "INERTIAL MASS DETECTION DEVICE" a.k.a. eco-trainer MPG-PLUS Patent Number;US 7411140 B

Eco-Driving or Hypermiling 

using   Newton2ndlaw
has potentially huge

  • Instant Eco-Driving;

  • Instant Hyper-Milling;

  • Improve road safety;

  • Enhance driving skills.  

  • Protect the ENVIRONMENT: 

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2);

  • Fewer local air pollutants;

  • Reduce noise.


  • Save fuel and money;

  • Lower vehicle maintenance;  

  • Pays for itself at the pump;

  • No out-of-pocket money;
  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires;

    • Your brake pads;

    • Your engine;



  1. More responsible driving;

  2. Less stress while driving;

  3. Right for marketing
    the eco-trainer MPG PLUS

 F= Inertia Force generated on  vehicle

m = Mass (weight) of the vehicle
a = Distance the vehicle will 
       move without the engine

                 In 1686, Sir Isaac Newton discovered this invisible natural  blessing
                allowing our vehicle
to move more efficiently. This invention       
                reveal THIS invisible "Newton2L" allowing for the FIRST TIME
to the driver of any moving vehicle (I.E., CARS, TRUCKS, BOATS)
to save fuel and to reduce CO2 emission.


                       Thomas Delor

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