Eco-Driving or Hypermiling 

using   Newton2ndlaw
has potentially huge

  • Instant Eco-Driving;

  • Instant Hyper-Milling;

  • Improve road safety;

  • Enhance driving skills.  

  • Protect the ENVIRONMENT: 

  • Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2);

  • Fewer local air pollutants;

  • Reduce noise.


  • Save fuel and money;

  • Lower vehicle maintenance;  

  • Pays for itself at the pump;

  • No out-of-pocket money;
  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires;

    • Your brake pads;

    • Your engine;



  1. More responsible driving;

  2. Less stress while driving;

  3. Right for marketing
    the eco-trainer MPG PLUS

 F= Inertia Force generated on  vehicle

m = Mass (weight) of the vehicle
a = Distance the vehicle will 
       move without the engine


Copy and Send this message to YOUR US Congressmen (House and Senate)

           To The Honorable Congressman and Congresswoman,

It took more than three hundred years after Isaac Newton discovered in 686 the law of inertia to make this invisible force visible. 
Lee Iacocca wrote: “Turn the problem to the engineers”. We invented the appropriate device to solve the problem and the US Patent Office registered the invention under US7411140 with the title "inertial mass detection device". We named it "EcoTraineR" because it trains the driver to eco-drive "on the job”. 

Because of this invention, the drivers can harness the forces of Inertia by using the EcoTraineR and save 20% to 50% fuel and decreasing the CO2 emission proportionally by simply reacting to the EcoTraineR's lights: Green light indicates the vehicle can move on its own and the red light indicates the vehicle needs its engine to continue to move.

President Donald J. Trump has withdrawn America from the 2015 Paris’ Climate Accord to protect the American workers and American companies from unnecessary regulatory burdens and, inspired by the precept of President John F.  Kennedy who said: “Don’t ask what America can do for you; ask what you can do for America" after learning about the EcoTraineR resident DonaldPdt Trump wrotes: "Thank you for sharing your views. I am confident that if we act together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations".

 NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that "If all Americans would be eco-driving, it would be equal to traveling billions of miles on our roads with zero emission. That’s tons of CO2 less released into our atmosphere" reducing the unbalanced equilibrium between the CO2 emission by humans and the earth's natural CO2 reducing effect since the creation.

We respectfully ask the American Congress to help achieve this American opportunity to lead the world again for better climate change by introducing a bill giving all the American drivers a tax- credit to incentiwise the drivers to equip their vehicle with the EcoTraineR in order to "manage" the Universal free force of Inertia for maximum MPG.  Inertia is used by the NASA since the inception of our space program.

The US Congress established some rules for the car manufacturers and asked them to increase the vehicle's MPG. The car manufacturers display the pressure in the vacuum line indicating by default eco-driving. The true solution is to train the drivers with the proper use of the inertia which is now possible with the EcoTraineR.

While the automakers' engineers made tremendous progress to improve our vehicles' MPG during the last 20 years, they are now limited by the laws of physic and mechanic to further increase the MPG again. Before the EcoTraineR, using the inertia was only a guessing game and generated a poor result limited to 10% increase by the best-skilled drivers only.

This invention avoids any guessing and all the driver has to do is to follow the lights:  This makes eco-driving easy, enjoyable and more secure for anyone is driving any cars or trucks including motor boats.

Finally, my company will ship you a complementary EcoTraineR upon your request so that you can test it personally for 15 days at no charge with your own car. Click for the form here:

For the very first time since the dark ages, we are able to "see" the inertia as it happens and we will instantly be saving 20% to 50% fuel during a secure, enjoyable, and comfortable ride in the City or on the Highway.  It does not require any particular driving skill or installation and it's portable.

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