TM is a US Patented device that draws on the law of inertia to indicate if your car can stay in motion without fuel consumption.  Located out of Sugar Hill, Georgia, and serving customers nationwide, we offer a product like nothing else.  There is a saying that states necessity is the mother of invention, and this holds true for our product.  In 2009, we formulated a simple, effective, and easy-to-use device that draws on the law of inertia and can be used by all drivers to cut back on fuel consumption.  Our owner, a longtime engineer, had a discussion with his daughter a few years ago.  She's a teacher who has to make a 40 minutes commute each way between home and work. The cost of fuel as you can imagine was eating up a good deal of her budget, and so she sought her Dad, an engineer, for advice.  He explained to her that anyone can use the inertia instead of the car's engine to save fuel.  The challenge, however, was knowing when to use it  After intensive thinking, he came with the MPG-PLUSTM eco-trainer device showing his daughter when her car had inertia. She was so happy by this practical easy-to-use-device to save fuel that she encouraged her father to apply for a patent.

The U.S Patent Office after reviewing the device issued Patent # 7,411,140 under the title "Inertial Mass Detection Device".  Our goal is now to extend her experience helping the drivers of all ages to improve their driving and save fuel...

Saving fuel has a major repercussion on your financial budget

If the proper use of the  MPG-PLUSTM  doesn't improve your fuel efficiency by at least 20% during the first 1000 miles of your motorized vehicle, car or boat we will reimburse you the full purchase price. 

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Fossil fuels are not renewable energy and will not last forever.
Once the planet's fossil fuels are completely depleted, our internal combustion engines will become obsolete.  It is why we are helping drivers to change the way they use fuel energy. Before the invention of MPG-PLUS, eco-driving was the effective way to save fuel.

Law of Inertia

Hypermiling is synonymous driving using the second law of motion to use less fuel. It uses solely Newton's Second Law of Motion showing the vehicle's Inertia, which allows the driver to take the foot off the gas pedal and continue driving your vehicle without using its engine. It also reduce your vehicle's CO2 emission and provides numerous potential benefits.

Hypermiling Has Enormous Potential


The eco-trainer MPG-PLUSTM is a US Patented device that draws on the Law of Motion to indicate if your car can stay in motion without fuel consumption. It does not matter if you drive uphill or downhill, have a front or tail wind, or you drive on dirt or a highway, all you have to worry about is adjusting your driving to drive with the MPG-PLUS  green light indicating  to get the best mileage.