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Trucks' fuel consumption is an important over-head and must be reduced to stay in business. They are also the biggest gas-guzzlers with 6 to 8 MPG.  Eco driving your trucks can save you thousands of dollars monthly and allow you to change your transportation costs.

Welcome to our web-site,   An American invention supporting the "Paris Climate Accords"

Green Technology Innovation Inc. is proud to present our patented EcoTraineR as the first car instrument showing the vehicle's inertia for energy conservation, allowing to drive efficiently any vehicle (car and trucks) without consuming fuel.  The EcoTraineR offers an easy and relaxing way to eco-drive.  Car manufacturers offer to the public the best motor vehicles possible but it is the drivers' responsibility to drive them efficienly.  The EcoTraineR display Newton's Universal 2nd Law of Motion.

The EcoTraineR tells you how to drive any vehicle for optimum fuel efficiency and minimum CO2  emission while allowing for relaxed driving.  This technology is available everywhere.  You can save up to $2,500.00 fuel per year depending on the Miles you Drive, type of vehicle and the Price per Gallon.

We believe it's irresponsible to wait for 20 to 30 years to find out if we're right or wrong about climate change. However, we can all agree on passing on a cleaner planet to the next generation. One way to do so is to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).  Above a certain level, the atmosphere's CO2 is poisonous, causing serious health problems, such as allergies and lung cancer.                   Join our Clean Air Campaign by promoting eco-driving to reduce CO2 emission.
                 Making America a Leader Again: We will resolve the world's  climate change due to irresponsible driving by
         using an American Patented invention called (title:"inertial Mass Detection Device"


To Keep our air clean, eco-drive and do not idle


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** A mask is already used in POLLUTED agglomerations.

Clean Air?

Truck & Bus

__ I can drive up to 100% further without using more fuel...

The EcoTraineR works of any make and model of cars, trucks or motorized boats for maximum energy conservation.
You may be concerned if it will work on older vehicles.
Since the device doesn't use the car's computer or vacuum line, it doesn't matter if you own an older car.



We can prevent hundreds of thousands of tons of pollution from entering the air we all breath.  Our mission is to improve air quality by reducing the CO2 emissions by eco-driving and avoiding idling

Carbon Footprint


  Using the Universal Force of INERTIA is potentially huge
(and it's free)

  • Instant eco driving
  • Hypermliling

  • Improve road safety

  • Enhance driving skills  

  • Environmental 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)

  • Fewer local air pollutants

  • Noise reduction


  • Save fuel and money 

  • Lower vehicle maintenance  

  • Pays for itself at the pump

  • No out-of-pocket money
  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires

    • Your brake pads

    • Your engine


  • More responsible driving

  • Less stress while driving

  • Higher comfort for passengers

Fuel Efficiency

Hybrid cars are still using fuel to charge the batteries.  
With our recently patented EcoTraineR you can increase your autonomy up to 100%, virtually avoiding to use any fuel.  Other benefits are described in our web site. 

Electrical propulsion may be the way the vehicles will move in the next twenty to thirty years.  In the mean time, eco driving can be implied immediately, increasing your autonomy by 50% to 100%. Others benefits are described in our web site.

You powerboat can also use the law of motion to save fuel if you learn to eco drive and applying the "push- and-glide" technique.  It does not take a lot of effort to save 20% to 50% fuel and reduce your reliance on expensive petroleum to enjoy your powerboat