Benefits of using Inertia 
instead of your engine

  • Instant hypermiling
  • Improve road safety

  • Enhance driving skills  

  • Environmental 

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)

  • Fewer local air pollutants

  • Noise reduction


  • Save fuel and money 

  • Lower vehicle maintenance  

  • Expand life expectancy of:

    • Your tires

    • Your brake pads

    • Your engine


  • More responsible driving

  • Less stress while driving

  • Higher comfort for passengers

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Terms and Conditions
As our limited offer, we will ship you the EcoTraineR for only $39.99 upfront and we will coach you free of charge until you perform to eco-drive. 
We will charge you 12 monthly recurring fee of $19.99 using the Credit Card on file or you can pay one lump sum of $199.99 before the end of the first month to offset any recurring charges.

. If you are not satisfied call 1-800-YES-WILL for an Authorization Return Number (ARN) and return the EcoTraineR before the end of 15-day after receiving it. 
 When eco-driving using the 2nd Law of Motion the monthly $19.99 recurring charge will be offset by your savings at the pump.
If you have any question call the person who sponsored you or email to 

Limited Offer**
We will ship the EcoTraineR with just one payment of $39.99 up-front (plus S&H) and charge a monthly recurring fee of $19.99  for twelve (12) consecutive months which is offset by the fuel savings at the pump. 
You will be coached to perform free of charge.
** One payment of $199.99 before the end of the first 30-day eliminates any further recurring monthly charge.